Our Team

Connie Ackles

Director of Business Development 574.485.1522

Deb Barbknecht

Closing Coordinator 574.485.1556

Eddie Bradley, CCIM/CPM/SIOR

Senior Vice President, Principal 574.485.1538 View Listings

Leah Cooper

Director of Marketing 574.485.1528

Don Cressy

Chairman 574.485.1514

George Cressy, CCIM

Chief Executive Officer 574.485.1515 View Listings

Corey Cressy, CCIM

Senior Broker, Principal 574.485.1513 View Listings

Noah Davey, CCIM

Senior Broker, Principal 574.485.1530 View Listings

Tony Davey

Senior Broker 574.485.1536 View Listings

Christian Davey, CCIM/SIOR

Senior Broker, Principal 574.485.1534 View Listings

Chris Davey, SIOR

President 574.485.1519 View Listings

Rick Doolittle

Sales Manager 574.485.1535 View Listings

Bill Drinkall

Managing Director 260.399.4057 View Listings

Chris Fielding

Chief Operating Officer 574.485.1503

Ryan Gableman, CCIM/SIOR

Senior Broker 574.485.1502 View Listings

Ed Hall

Facilities Director, Management Services 574.485.1574

Brian Harding

Chief Operating Officer, Management Services 574.485.1512

Chip Hurley, CCIM/SIOR

Managing Director 616.456.6400 View Listings

Tish Kajzer

Quality Assurance Director, Management Services 574.485.1532

Casey Kaniewski

Associate Broker, Auctioneer 574.485.1579 View Listings

Dianne Kazmierczak

Executive Assistant 574.485.1550

John Laird

Associate Broker & General Counsel 574.485.1553

Sheral Litell

Senior Broker 574.485.1527 View Listings

Tammy Lower

Marketing Associate & Internet Specialist 574.485.1523

Beth Mahoney

Director of Multi-Housing, Management Services 574.485.1552

Tim Mehall

Vice President, Retail Services, Principal 574.485.1516 View Listings

Zach Meyer

Associate Broker 260.399.4057

Mark Miller

Senior Broker 574.485.1531 View Listings

Catherine Pingel

Associate Property Manager, Broker, Management Services T 574.271.4060 ext. 1080

Rob Pryor, CPM

Director of Commercial Property Management, Management Services 574.485.1554

James Ringler

Senior Broker 574.485.1561 View Listings

Roy Roelke

Associate Broker 574.485.1537 View Listings

Rick Sampson

Project Manager, Management Services 574.271.4060

Blaine Settle

Maintenance Supervisor, Management Services 574.271.4060

Jim Skillen

Vice President 574.485.1501 View Listings

Shawn Todd

Senior Broker 574.271.4060 View Listings

Tom Traversa

Mechanical Services Director, Management Services 574.485.1574

Kasey Watkins

Research Analyst 574.485.1529

Angel Winslow

Business Operations Manager 574.271.4060